A Goal Accelerator is the WINNER inside each of us, who is always on the quest for best - for more meaning, winning and impact. 

This podcast is grounded in my belief that successful people aren’t born that way, and with the right toolkit we can all do what successful people do. 

Here, you'll learn the HOW from real life Goal Accelerators. Welcome to the podcast for all who want to achieve their goals faster with greater ease, while improving their overall happiness and fulfillment.
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Dr. Marcia Forbes - as the author, the academic, the entrepreneur and co founder of the Caribbean's leading media production entities, Phase 3 Productions - those are the stories most know. 

In a 2-part, no holds-barred conversation, we get to know Marcia as she shares her story, from a young wife to now widower, mom and now grandmother.

From growing up in 1960's Jamaica, a love-child living with her father's family, to tales of motherhood, marriage, infidelity, building a business with her husband of almost 40 years, his illness and the emotional journey as she nursed him up to his passing.

Marcia gets real about how she also pursued her dreams beyond entrepreneurship to become a Fulbright scholar and academic,  and shaper of the Jamaican media industry as a whole (transforming the then Government owned television station, JBC now TVJ while at it).

Part 1 ends with her entire business literally going up in flames in a fire - while they were temporarily without insurance coverage!
So much goodness in this episode! 

Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode7:
The Making of a Media Mogul: 
A candid conversation on Leadership, Marriage, Resilience and Joy
She made a decision that landed her 5 years in federal prison and changed the trajectory of her life forever. 

Founder of Activate WorldWide Inc. Lucinda Cross has made TEDx talks, television and radio appearances teaching entrepreneurial women and at risk youth the foundations of living an extraordinary life against all odds.

She is an, an accomplished best-selling author with five self-published books under her name and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama.

Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 6:
Against ALL Odds: Living an Extraordinary Life with Lucinda Cross"
Adam Stewart has grown and evolved the Sandals empire through CONSTANT innovation, started new companies and ventures in his own right and is a committed philanthropist. He's received many awards personally and for the businesses he runs and is regularly highlighted in publications like Forbes Magazine. Most importantly, he is a committed family man (he’s a husband and dad of 3 and spoke to his kids multiple times on this 2hr flight!).
Trying to list it all makes my head spin so HOW is this mogul doing it all?

I asked him how he juggles / balances family and business (people never ask men that!).
I stumbled over asking him, essentially, how do you raise children to be HUNGRY when they are born full?
And of course entrepreneur / business questions - top of mind is HOW do you manage and grow all of the companies AND stay #FOCUSED! Where do you get the energy? How do you stay inspired? How do you decide what’s next??

Follow Adam's journey on Instagram @AdamStewart

Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 5:
Building and Growing a Legacy

Lia Valencia Key began her journey with very humble beginnings; raised in a homeless shelter in the inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Through it all her mother drove home the importance of education, Lia remained focused graduated college then received an MA in Education.

She decided at an early age to emit joy through adversity. In this episode, she shares how the power of choice makes all the difference, and she gives us strategies she used to fight fear, pain, stagnation, and the hold of our comfort zone.

She chose to rise above and be the person she aspires to be, becoming a world-class cosmetologist and styling on-air talent at QVC and around the world.

Lia is now pursuing her passion and sharing her light with the world through her inspirational brand of jewellery, Valencia Key.

Follow Lia’s story on Instagram: @liavalenciakey

Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 4:
The Power of Choice as a Super Power
In this 3 part episode Nicole interviews her mentor of 22 years, Harvard educated Math teacher Russell Bell on living a life of meaning and purpose, whether we need to find a passion (and HOW?! 
We also discuss overcoming others‘ opinions, fear and anxiety to find true JOY in the everyday. 

Before accelerating goals we must dig deep and ask ourselves the hard questions and Mr. Bell’s perspective will leave you renewed, at peace AND Fired up at the same time

Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 1:
The Importance of Your Influence and Impact
Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 2:
The Importance of Your Influence and Impact
Goal Accelerator Podcast Episode 3:
The Importance of Your Influence and Impact
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